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Employment legislation will have an effect on every large organisation. Legislation is regularly amended, and new rulings continually affect how legislation is interpreted.

Understandably, businesses are wary of employment-related matters and are concerned that expensive legal proceedings are just around the corner. Whilst it is true that contentious employment matters do arise from time to time, it is much better for you and more cost effective for your business if you take proactive advice and set up appropriate employment policies and practices in advance.

At MacSweeney & Company we have the expertise to assist you and ensure that your interests are protected in accordance with the law. Our approach is often to deal with contentious employment law issues before the Rights Commissioner, Employment Appeals Tribunal, the Equality Tribunal and the High Court without recourse to counsel, thus proving economical for clients.

A number of our lawyers have expertise in all aspects of employment law.

We regularly advise clients on non-contentious issues, such as developing rigorous employment policies and practices such as organisation of working time, health and safety and occupational stress.

We can also provide you with guidance employee benefits issues, such as the legal and tax aspects of employee share incentive schemes.

The importance of ensuring effective health and safety management and the increasing emphasis on potential corporate and individual liability for health and safety offences means that you need to be fully advised on how to ensure compliance with your statutory and common law obligations at all levels and at every stage. Health and safety also impacts upon every aspect of the employment relationship and outsourcing, and you need to ensure that your contractual arrangements with employees and third parties allow you to comply with your obligations.

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